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 NoteSwift Leads to Fewer Clicks, Happier Physicians

NoteSwift leverages the power of Dragon Medical speech recognition solutions to virtually eliminate mouse clicks in the EHR. NoteSwift interprets input either as commands that drive the EHR interface (no more getting lost multiple screens deep!), or as content to be inserted into the note. Physicians can complete patient documentation in half the time it used to take using the conventional method of point and click – guaranteed.

Providers can complete a patient note with fewer than 5 clicks, and this increased productivity translates into physicians seeing on average, two additional patients per day. NoteSwift pays for itself in just one week!

NoteSwift captures the patient narrative as well as structured data in a way that supports robust billing as well as Meaningful Use guidelines. The patient note is completed with all relevant and billable data resulting in fewer reimbursement denials.

With its SwiftNav™ technology, NoteSwift makes navigation in the EHR as easy as saying which section of the note you want to get to – NoteSwift automatically takes you there. The interface is simple, the learning curve is minimal, and most providers are up and running within an hour of installation. If you are a provider who would like to get back your free time, reduce mouse clicks in your EHR, and get back to practicing medicine, NoteSwift can help.

We guarantee it.

We are so confident in the benefits of using NoteSwift within your EHR, we offer you this 30 day money-back guarantee. If you do not reduce the time spent documenting patient notes by half, we will give you your money back.


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NoteSwift is honored to be chosen as the Allscripts App of the Month for September!

Register here for our special free 30 minute webinar on September 30th, which will showcase NoteSwift 2.0 for Allscripts Professional, and how to create a patient note in fewer than 5 clicks!