The Future of EHR Technology

According to CDC FastStats, in 2013 over 78% of office-based providers had converted from paper to digital, using an EHR system. This means that for the majority of providers, regardless of where they are in the stage of their profession, computer skills will become a necessity. In a 2014 census by the Federation of State […]

NoteSwift 3.0 Makes Entering Patient Notes in Allscripts Professional EHR™ 40% Faster

Entire patient notes entered with fewer than 5 mouse clicks Boston, Mass. January 11, 2016 – NoteSwift, Inc. has announced the release of the 3.0 version of NoteSwift, which enables healthcare providers using Allscripts Professional EHR with Dragon Medical speech recognition to enter patient notes 40% faster than with Allscripts Professional alone. With NoteSwift, providers use just […]

Don’t Just Complain – Do Something About It!

An article by John Russell in the December 12, 2015 edition of the Chicago Tribune, entitled “Beleaguered by Electronic Record Mandates, Some Doctors Burning Out,” tells an all too familiar story.  Russell says, “More and more, doctors are grumbling that federal mandates are clogging up their days with busy work, turning them into data-entry clerks […]

How to Spend More Time with Patients and Less Time on Documentation

By Tina Joros, Director of the Allscripts Developer Program, Allscripts Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Studies show that physicians are spending more than 40% of their time on patient notes, leading many providers to feel like they’re spending less time with patients and more time with patient documentation. Several alternatives try and address this issue, from creating […]