NoteSwift CEO Wayne Crandall on Relentless Health Value Podcast

Wayne Crandall, CEO of NoteSwift, discussed EHR usability challenges and the burden on physicians, the potential of AI to help overcome some of those challenges and minimize that burden, and our own EHR Virtual Assistant solution, Samantha™ (Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm) on the latest Relentless Health Value Podcast. Listen to the Podcast: EP173 […]

Business Insider: athenahealth adds AI-powered EHR service – Samantha™ by NoteSwift

Business Insider announced NoteSwift’s partnership with athenahealth‘s ‘More Disruption Please’ program to bring Samantha™, our patent-pending EHR Virtual Assistant, to athenaClinicals users. From the article: The virtual assistant, dubbed Samantha, is designed to remove administrative burdens related to documentation. Samantha’s advanced AI capabilities enable physicians to save six to eight hours each week by reducing the need to manually input details from […]

EHR athenahealth Launches EHR Virtual Assistant Samantha™ announced NoteSwift’s partnership with athenahealth through the company’s ‘More Disruption Please’ program to provide athenaClinicals users access to Samantha™, the EHR Virtual Assistant. From the announcement: “Our revolutionary new EHR virtual assistant, Samantha, saves physicians 6-8 hours each week by eliminating the need to manually enter details of the patient encounter,” said NoteSwift President […]

Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review: NoteSwift introduces Samantha™, the AI-powered assistant for athenaClinicals EHR

NoteSwift’s partnership with athenahealth through the ‘More Disruption Please’ program was featured on Becker’s Health IT & CIO Review, a subset of Becker’s Hospital Review. Samantha™, the EHR Virtual Assistant for athenaClinicals, is now available on the athenahealth Marketplace. From the article: athenahealth clients can now tap a new virtual assistant, called Samantha, for automated EHR documentation under a partnership […]