Physician-Founded, Physician-Focused

NoteSwift was initially developed by practicing Neurologist Dr. Chris Russell to improve efficiency and productivity with his own practice’s electronic health records. In late 2017, the NoteSwift team launched the next evolution of Dr. Russell’s solution, SamanthaTM — Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm — the industry’s first true EHR Virtual Assistant.

Samantha uses A.I. and machine learning technologies to improve providers’ efficiency and reduce the burnout they are experiencing as a result of cumbersome EHR documentation requirements.

Samantha’s patent-pending technology saves providers an average of 6-8 hours a week and reduces the hundreds of mouse clicks required to complete patient documentation to fewer than five. Providers can use any medical speech recognition product with Samantha, letting the physician dictate the entire narrative of the patient encounter into a single screen in a fluid and natural way, saving them the time and effort of having to navigate the EHR’s many menus, screens and check boxes.

Samantha’s proprietary intelligence parses the structured data elements from the narrative, ensures the terms are entered the way the EHR expects, automatically assigns the required coding, and automates the orders and prescribing functions. Samantha seamlessly and automatically enters all of the data into the EHR exactly where it needs to be, just as if it had been entered manually, and all in less than 2 minutes, using the EHR’s standard APIs.

In addition to time savings and increased ease of use, Samantha’s ability to easily enter structured data and coding improves the accuracy of the patient encounter record, reducing claim denials and increasing billings for the practice. As a result, physicians are able to spend more face-time with patients, improving patient outcomes, while spending less time documenting patient visits, ultimately easing the burden of patient documentation.


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