Physician Burnout Affects More Than Just Physicians

NoteSwift CEO Wayne Crandall is featured on Healthcare IT Today this week discussing the far-reaching effects of physician burnout.

From the article:

“Physician burnout is a real challenge facing the healthcare industry — in fact, the magnitude of the challenge is so great that 10 major healthcare CEOs recently labeled “physician burnout” a public health crisis.

But physician burnout doesn’t affect just doctors or practices. Patients are also at risk.

Consider the effects on patients:

  • Physicians suffering from burnout are working less hours, leading to longer patient waits for appointments.
  • A 2014 research survey connected physician burnout and “emotional exhaustion” to higher mortality rates in intensive care patients.
  • A 2017 Mayo Clinic report notes that physician burnout negatively affects patient care, patient safety, physician turnover, and patient satisfaction.
  • An Advisory Report published in 2016 notes that physician burnout is linked to a 16% decrease in patient satisfaction and an 11% increase in reported medical errors, increased turnover, and early retirement.

This is yet another reason we as an industry owe it to our doctors and patients to have an honest discussion about the causes and effects of physician burnout and to collaborate on meaningful solutions to overcome the challenge together.

While there are many factors that influence and add to the increase in physician burnout, experts agree that the regulation, use and management of EHRs is one of the primary culprits. EHRs can add tremendous value to our work, but most EHR workflows are cumbersome and inefficient, requiring hours of manual work to meet the requirements of the EHR platform and government regulations.

Our recently published white paper goes into greater detail on the subject of physician burnout. It’s a fantastic resource for doctors looking for research to reinforce their feelings of burnout, and for practices and health systems looking to better understand the challenge.

But we need more than just conversation on this topic — we need action, we need solutions, and we need a strategy to confront the causes of physician burnout.

Read the full post, “Physician Burnout Affects More Than Just Physicians,” on Healthcare IT Today.

Want to see how NoteSwift is helping physicians reduce burnout? Contact us to schedule a live demonstration of Samantha, the real-time EHR transcriptionist, for your practice.


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