New athenahealth Research Cites Need for Technology Solutions to Combat Physician Burnout

New research by athenahealth reinforces the need for a technology-focused approach to combating the pervasive problem of physician burnout, with one-in-five physicians reporting that their EHR directly contributes to burnout.

“The goal of every physician is to have an impact on patients’ lives, whether by cutting them open to fix a problem, curing them with medicine, or educating them to preserve the health and well-being that remains,” says athenahealth Chief Medical Officer Todd Rothenhaus, MD, in a recent athenainsight article, Technology’s Role in Fixing Physician Burnout.

“Cutting, curing, and educating; that’s all there is. Everything outside of the conversation the doctor has with the patient, the decisions they make together, and the procedures they perform, is wasted work for the physician.”

A recent Medscape survey of 15,000 practicing physicians found that as many as two-thirds of the physicians polled experience some level of depression or burnout. 56% of the physicians polled said “fewer bureaucratic tasks” would help alleviate the problem, while 39% suggested “fewer work hours” would be beneficial.

“There is no more compelling argument for health IT growth and innovation than the risk we currently face: the demise of the physician and the unhappiness of doctors nationwide,” says Dr. Rothenhaus. “Our challenge, together, is to make technology the solution rather than the cause.”

Technology has a unique potential to take on the cumbersome administrative and clerical tasks that directly contribute to physician burnout. NoteSwift Founder and Chief Medical Officer Dr. Chris Russell created NoteSwift for exactly that reason — to remove the clerical burden of EHR documentation so he could get back to what he loved about practicing medicine: caring for patients.

SamanthaTM, the award-winning EHR Virtual Assistant from NoteSwift, Inc., allows physicians to complete an entire patient note from a single screen, by simply dictating or typing the entire narrative of the patient encounter and letting Samantha’s A.I.-driven technology:

  • intelligently parse the input,
  • identify structured data elements,
  • ensure the information is entered in terminology the EHR expects,
  • intuitively assign all required codes,
  • prepare orders and e-prescriptions for sign-off, and
  • automatically place all of the data into the correct fields, check boxes, and menus of the EHR.

Physician burnout is a huge problem, and it’s not going away. Schedule a virtual demo of Samantha for athenaClinicals to see how she can alleviate the clerical burden of EHR documentation to reduce physician burnout, saving users 6-8 hours a week on charting while improving reporting accuracy.

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