Samantha™, The EHR Virtual Assistant from NoteSwift, receives award for Technical Innovation and Named “App of the Month” by Allscripts

Boston, Mass. – May 25, 2018 – NoteSwift, Inc., announced today that its EHR Virtual Assistant, Samantha™, won a technical innovation award and is being featured as the Allscripts Developer Program (ADP) May 2018 App of the Month. Samantha simplifies the entire patient documentation process to a single screen and with just a few clicks, can help reduce physician burnout and save Allscripts Professional EHR™ users an average of 6-8 hours a week on charting alone.

Allscripts Professional EHR users are invited to learn more during a webinar on Wednesday, May 30 at 1:00 pm EDT featuring Dr. Chris Russell, Allscripts user, Neurologist from Peachtree Neurological Clinic & Piedmont Healthcare, and Founder of NoteSwift.

The 30-minute webinar will feature a live demonstration of Samantha and show first-hand how:

  • Dr. Russell uses Samantha daily in his practice
  • Samantha uses her artificial intelligence to parse narrative input, identify the structured data elements, ensure the terms match what the EHR is expecting, assign all ICD-10, SNOMED, CPT, and other required codes
  • Samantha enters data into each menu screen and check box of the EHR automatically
  • Samantha utilizes existing EHR templates, order sets, and workflows to further speed the input of patient documentation

“One of our goals in ADP is to find solutions that can help our practices streamline their workflows and optimize using their EHR. With Samantha, NoteSwift has utilized the functionality we support on our open platform to build out a robust tool that is truly unique in the industry. We’re proud to showcase the solution as our App of the Month.” – Tina Joros, General Manager, Open Business Unit.

“The excellent early adoption of Samantha in ambulatory practices further emphasizes the need for solutions to ease the burden of entering patient documentation into the EHR by reducing clicks and, ultimately, physician burnout,” explains NoteSwift President & CEO Wayne Crandall. “We have worked very closely with Allscripts to create a tight integration with their EHR, ensuring complete and accurate notes.”

About NoteSwift, Inc.

NoteSwift was founded by practicing Neurologist Dr. Chris Russell to improve efficiency and productivity with his own practice’s electronic health records. Dr. Russell’s unique combination of expertise in medicine and software development helped him integrate his EHR with speech recognition software to go beyond narrative dictation.

In 2017, the NoteSwift team launched the next evolution of Dr. Russell’s vision, Samantha™ (Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm). Because Samantha™ enables providers to complete patient notes easily — intelligently identifying the structured data elements within the narrative text, automatically assigning all required codes, and seamlessly integrating with the EHR — providers can not only complete patient documentation faster, but also more accurately.

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