Healthcare IT News: Athenahealth partners with NoteSwift on AI-powered EHR documentation

Healthcare IT News featured the NoteSwift and athenahealth partnership to bring our revolutionary artificial-intelligence (AI) powered EHR Virtual Assistant, Samantha™, to athenahealth’s 106,000 physicians via the athenahealth Marketplace.

From the article:

Physicians have a new virtual assistant for their EHR, and her name is Samantha. The technology was launched this past year by Boston-based NoteSwift, and now the AI-powered clinical documentation tool is joining with athenahealth to help docs with their charting.

Samantha technology can digest the doctor’s narrative – whether dictated or typed – and uses AI to parse the information, detect structured data, assign the necessary ICD-10, SNOMED or CPT codes, prepares orders and electronic prescriptions for physician sign-off.

The tool gets that data into the right fields of the EHR, according to NoteSwift, saving the clinician time – as much as eight hours per week – and helping ensure accuracy.

Read the full article on Healthcare IT News: Athenahealth partners with NoteSwift on AI-powered EHR documentation.

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