Meet Samantha: Your Real-Time, Automated EHR Transcriptionist

Meet SamanthaThere has never been anything like Samantha.

Samantha stands for Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm. Her intelligence is derived from NoteSwift’s proprietary, patent-pending semantic understanding and advanced parsing technologies. 

Just type or say your patient notes, or any part of a note, and Samantha does the rest automatically.

She’s the personal transcriptionist who pays for herself on the first day of each billing cycle, and who you simply cannot practice without. View Samantha’s Resume.

The NoteSwift and Allscripts Partnership

Samantha for Allscripts Professional EHR™ is certified by Allscripts. For more information, email, contact your Allscripts sales executive, or learn more about Samantha on the Allscripts Application Store or Client Connect. 

Work the Way You Want & Samantha Does the Rest

Providers have the option to type or dictate their patient notes in a narrative form, and Samantha intelligently parses the information and—with the help of her proprietary semantic understanding—automatically enters the information into the EHR, exactly where it needs to be as structured, discrete data and narrative text, complete with all necessary coding. Learn more about How Samantha Works. 

Save 4-8 Hours Per Week Completing Patient Notes

Samantha dramatically accelerates patient documentation for providers using Allscripts Professional EHR. Samantha users gain back, on average, 4-8 hours per week of documentation time, allowing them to spend more one-on-one time with patients.  

Gain Additional Time with Patients to Report on Co-Morbidities

Getting additional time back means providers have more face-time with their patients, allowing them to document co-morbidities, increasing their billing, and ultimately provide a higher level of care.

Improve Reporting Accuracy to Increase Reimbursements & Reduce Denied Claims

Samantha automatically places the required information in the correct sections of the EHR, ensuring the required discrete data elements are where they are supposed to be and assigns all required ICD-10, SNOWMED, CPT, and other coding so providers can submit claims more accurately the first time and significantly speed up the billing and reimbursement process.

Automatically Prescribe all Necessary Orders & Prescriptions

Samantha seamlessly integrates with Allscripts Professional EHR, allowing providers to automatically generate all necessary orders and prescriptions as they input the patient note. Those orders can then be automatically printed or sent via fax to the appropriate recipients.

No More Wading Through Layers of Menus

With Samantha, you create the patient note in a single window without having to navigate through the entire EHR. You don’t have to look for all the sections of the note or find the right check boxes to click—Samantha does it all for you automatically with zero clicks!

Integrate Seamlessly with Speech Recognition

Samantha works with a provider’s existing medical speech recognition tools, including Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition, Nuance Dragon Medical Network Edition, Nuance Dragon Medical One, M*Modal, and NVoq Sayit. If you don’t currently use a speech recognition tool, Samantha is also equipped with her own built-in medical speech recognition solution.

Samantha seamlessly integrates with your existing tools and processes in order to simplify and streamline Allscripts Professional EHR patient note entry to save both time and money for your practice.  


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