There is simply no faster way to prescribe than using NoteSwift. This chart compares the steps for prescribing when using Allscripts Professional EHR alone, with Dragon Medical, and with NoteSwift. The time saved is significant when multiplied over all the prescriptions you write every day, and it’s done without a single click.

Prescribe in Less than 5 Seconds with NoteSwift

Prescription: Levaquin 500 mg daily, quantity: 30, refills: 2

Allscripts Professional EHR Dragon Medical NoteSwift
Click Assessment and Plan Click A & P Say: Prescribe
Click Search Say: Click Search Say: Levaquin 500 mg daily, days 30, refills two
Click the down arrow to change the data source to Medications Say: Medications Say: Note (then dictate notes to the pharmacist)
Click on Medications Click in the Search Term field (or Say: Press Tab Key) Say: Done
Click in Search Term field Say: Levaquin  
Type beginning of med: Levaq (5 keys) Say: Press Enter Key  
Click Search Say: Press Enter Key  
Double Click the medication Say: Daily  
Type D (for Daily) Say: Press Alt Key A  
Click in the Days field Say Number for Frequency: 30  
Type a number Say: Alt Key E (to get to the refills field)  
Click the Refills dropdown menu Say: Move down 2 (to select the number of refills)  
Click the Number of refills needed Say: Press Tab Key 4 times (to move to the Notes section)  
Click in the Note field Dictate the Pharmacist notes  
Type the Pharmacist notes Say: Click OK