Now Supports TouchWorks 15.1

The New NoteSwift 2.1 for Allscripts TouchWorks EHR dramatically accelerates patient documentation for healthcare providers using Allscripts TouchWorks EHR with Dragon Medical speech recognition. Providers can enter structured data and narrative text via natural speech, reducing over 90% of mouse clicks and keystrokes per note. With the time saved on documentation, each provider in the practice can see at least 2 more patients every day and get home in time for dinner.

Enter Structured Data and Narrative Text via Natural Speech

  • Creates detailed, structured notes using natural, free-flowing speech. Eliminate hunting for and clicking each individual finding. Just say what you want to document and let NoteSwift do the work for you.
  • Automatically enters structured data in the proper fields. Fills in check boxes by voice.
  • Allows narrative text to be dictated anywhere in TouchWorks.
  • Alias utility lets you substitute a custom word or phrase as a shortcut for your most frequently used notations.
  • Enters prescriptions as you say them. Say the drug name, strength, quantity and refills. Without a single click, your e-prescription is complete! Click HERE to see a 20-second video of how fast you can prescribe with NoteSwift.

Navigate Effortlessly

  • Seamlessly navigates even the most complex note forms, jumping to different sections as you say them, and placing data into the correct fields.

NEW in NoteSwift 2.1

Support for TouchWorks 15.1

Active Problems and History Now 40% Faster!

Hands-free Physical Exam and ROS

  • Complete the Exam and ROS sections of the note with virtually no clicks.
  • Adds multiple ROS/Exam templates with a single command.
  • Auto-selects most recent template.
  • Automatically detects body system names for faster entry when dictating.
  • New “Enter Text” command for adding detailed notes to any discrete data.

Built-in Shortcuts throughout the Note

  • Just say, “Orders, Imaging, MRI, Head,” and the software navigates to the correct screen and enters your selections.

NEW Productivity Enhancing Features in NoteSwift 2.1

Form Shortcuts

NoteSwift’s Form Shortcuts feature lets you call up and fill a section in the EHR form with a single command. For instance, say, “Orders Imaging MRI Head” and the Orders form will appear, the section set to Radiology (Imaging), and the procedure submitted to the EHR as “MRI Head,” all without waiting for the form and pausing through the fields.

Multiple Templates

For ROS/Exam templates, you can enter a list of templates to be installed at once. Just say, “Constitutional ROS and Pulmonary ROS, Done,” and both templates will be installed in one operation. 

Tying Multiple Templates to an Alias

You can create an Alias (for example, “Bronchitis”) and connect multiple templates to it. Then, you can just dictate “Bronchitis” and all those templates will be loaded at once.

NoteSwift 2.1 for TouchWorks Supports These Sections of the v11 Note:

  • Exam / Exam Templates
  • ROS / ROS Templates
  • Orders
  • Prescribe
  • Allergies
  • Active Problems
  • History of Present Illness
  • Current Medications
  • Social & Family History
  • Past Medical History
  • Surgical History

System Specifications

  • Supports 11.4.1, 11.5, and 15.1 releases of Allscripts TouchWorks EHR with v11 Note support.
  • Runs on Windows 7, 8, 10.
  • Minimum requirements: Intel® Core™ i3 4110 or higher (or AMD equivalent) and 4 GB RAM.
  • Recommended requirements: Intel® Core™ i5 4430 or higher and 8GB RAM.
  • For optimum performance: Intel® Core™ i7 48xx or higher and 16GB RAM.
  • NoteSwift supports Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1 and 2, and Dragon Medical Network Edition.

See A Demo Today

Email Art Nicholas at to request a live NoteSwift for TouchWorks demo geared towards your practice.