NoteSwift Offers Solutions to the Unique Problems Faced by Pulmonologists

Lungs Challenges faced by Pulmonologists:

  • Lengthy patient documentation eats up precious time in the office and at home, making it difficult to add more patients
  • Click-intensive prescriptions
  • Multiple prescriptions
  • Reduced or delayed reimbursements
  • Increased costs of business operations

  • NoteSwift resolves these issues:

    • Dramatically accelerates patient documentation and EHR navigation
    • Enables rapid entry of structured data and narrative text using natural speech
    • Links narrative details to the structured data for further clarity and completeness of the note
    • Reduces 100+ clicks per patient note to fewer than 5
    • ePrescribes in less than 5 seconds
    • Improves documentation accuracy and completeness, resulting in fewer reimbursement denials and delays
    • Billings increase within weeks of using the product due to seeing more patients
    • Greatly reduces patient wait time
    • Increases face-to-face time with each patient

    With the time saved, our clients report seeing at least 2 more patients each day and getting home earlier!

    NoteSwift, combined with Dragon Medical, provides the most accurate speech recognition for Pulmonologists, so that “Stridor” doesn’t turn into “Strider;” and terms such as Atelectasis, Bronchoscopy, Pneumothorax, and Tachypnea are recognized the first time you say them. 

    Click HERE to see a Pulmonology video featuring NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR. Click HERE to see a Pulmonology video featuring NoteSwift for Allscripts TouchWorks EHR.

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