NoteSwift Offers Solutions to the Unique Problems Faced by Family Practitioners 

Thermometer-VerticalChallenges faced by Family Practitioners:  

  • A wide variety of diagnoses — from Abrasion to Zoonosis – means every patient note is different
  • High daily patient volume equates to a greater amount of documentation
  • Decreased face time with patients given the greater time required to complete documentation
  • Multiple prescriptions per patient take up a lot of time
  • Click-intensive liquid medication prescriptions 
  • Reduced or delayed reimbursements
  • Increased costs of business operations

Lengthy and varied patient notes:

  • Eat up time in the office and at home
  • Prolong the work day
  • Make it difficult to see more patients
  • Reduce patient interaction while entering notes

NoteSwift resolves these issues:

  • Dramatically accelerates patient documentation and EHR navigation
  • Enables rapid entry of structured data and narrative text via natural speech
  • Links narrative details to the structured data for further clarity and completeness of the note 
  • Reduces 100+ clicks per patient note to fewer than 5 
  • ePrescribes in less than 5 seconds
  • Improves documentation accuracy and completeness, resulting in fewer reimbursement denials and delays
  • Billings increase within weeks of using the product due to seeing more patients
  • Greatly reduces patient wait time 
  • Increases face-to-face time with each patient

With the time saved, our clients report adding 2 or more patients per provider each day and getting home earlier!

Some examples of NoteSwift clients who specialize in Family Practice:

  • Friends of Family Health Center, La Habra, CA
  • Family Medical Group, Joliet, IL
  • 1960 Family Practice, Houston, TX
  • Absentee Shawnee Tribal Health System, Shawnee, OK
  • Parkway Medical Group, Fayetteville, TN

NoteSwift, combined with Dragon Medical, provides the most accurate speech recognition for Family Practitioners, so “Callus” doesn’t turn into “Callous;” and terms such as Anaphylaxis, Cheilosis, Cirrhosis, Guillain-Barre, Hypercholesterolemia, Jaundice, Lupus Erythematosus, Phlegm and Sciatica are recognized the first time you say them.

 “NoteSwift has increased the speed and efficiency of seeing patients by getting rid of the innumerable point and click system. I see 2 patients more a day because of NoteSwift.”  

– Dr. William D. Hughes, Parkway Medical, Fayetteville, TN

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