NoteSwift is a software application developed by a practicing Neurologist in order to improve efficiency and productivity with his own electronic health records. NoteSwift perfects the integration between the EHR and Dragon Medical, dramatically accelerating the entry of patient notes by voice.

NoteSwift enables providers to rapidly enter structured data and narrative text via a continuous stream of their own natural speech. The software automatically enters data in the right fields within the various screens of the EHR. Patient notes are completed in less than 3 minutes and in fewer than 5 mouse clicks. With the time saved providers can see more patients, spend more time with existing patients, or get home earlier.

Yes, you have to have Dragon Medical to use NoteSwift. NoteSwift does not replace Dragon Medical or act on its own. NoteSwift tightly integrates the EHR and Dragon Medical for optimum performance.
NoteSwift supports Dragon Medical Practice Edition 1, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2, and Dragon Medical Network Edition.
Using speech recognition alone still requires hundreds of mouse clicks and keystrokes for each patient note, particularly when entering structured data and trying to navigate through the various EHR screens. This is because the speech recognition is geared to free text dictation, and provides very minimal navigation capabilities, which results in added time and tedium. NoteSwift leverages the speech recognition software and adds simple and quick navigation throughout the EHR and hands-free structured data entry, all via natural voice commands. Because NoteSwift was developed by a physician, it specifically addresses the needs of healthcare providers to quickly and easily navigate through the entire patient note while completing both the structured data and narrative text. The use of NoteSwift is so easy and intuitive that it eliminates the need for developing custom macros in Dragon Medical.
Proficiency with Dragon Medical is not required. NoteSwift trains clients simultaneously on how to use NoteSwift and Dragon Medical, reducing the need to go through the complete Dragon training.
There are versions of NoteSwift currently available for Allscripts Professional EHR™, Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR, Aprima and Amazing Charts.
There are many demo videos posted at NoteSwift Demos including demos targeted towards a variety of medical specialties. You can also email to schedule a live demonstration customized towards your specialty and workflow.
NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR is available via a monthly subscription fee or through the purchase of a one-time perpetual license fee. For more information about pricing for NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR, contact your Allscripts account representative. For pricing information about NoteSwift for Allscripts TouchWorks, Amazing Charts or Aprima, email
Yes. For details, contact your Allscripts account representative or email
NoteSwift works with any device that is supported by Dragon Medical. Many of our clients prefer to use the Dragon Speech PowerMic
No. At this time, NoteSwift integrates only with Dragon Medical speech recognition software.
NoteSwift is compatible with Allscripts Professional EHR versions 14 and 15.
NoteSwift is compatible with Allscripts TouchWorks versions 11.4.x and 15.1 with V11 Note support.
Yes. NoteSwift enters structured data quickly and naturally via voice. This assists the practice in meeting Meaningful Use criteria without doing anything extra.
Yes. If you enable ICD-10 in the EHR, then NoteSwift will search and use those codes.
Yes. NoteSwift allows you to use prior visit templates for ROS and PE. We also support Visit Templates within Allscripts Professional EHR, which are whole-encounter templates.
NoteSwift runs on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.
Minimum computer requirements
Intel® Core™ i3 4110 or higher (or AMD equivalent) and 4 GB RAM.
Recommended computer requirements
Intel® Core™ i5 4430 or higher and 8GB RAM.
Computer requirements for optimum performance
Intel® Core™ i7 48xx or higher and 16GB RAM
NoteSwift supports Allscripts Cloud-hosted, RDP, Citrix, or local environments.
It typically takes less than an hour to install NoteSwift.
Most clients are up and running and enjoying the productivity benefits after their training sessions are completed.
When providers are brand-new to Dragon Medical, we include new user training for Dragon Medical with their NoteSwift training. Most clients are up and running and enjoying the productivity benefits of Dragon Medical and NoteSwift after their training sessions are completed.
Yes, NoteSwift works with the EHR’s templates and any custom templates you have created. However, new exam templates need to be created within Allscripts Professional in order to take advantage of NoteSwift’s customized exam knowledge.
We customize the exam knowledge and provide a set of exam aliases to make users of Allscripts Professional EHR more productive in the exam section. Customization is done just after NoteSwift is installed, and takes about 45 minutes.
Yes. The Dragon Medical software can be trained to understand accents. Visit to learn more.
Yes. But we predict you won’t be bringing as much work home with you.
Over 500 healthcare providers and practices across the United States. Contact us at for references.
Contact your Allscripts account representative or email