Client Testimonials about NoteSwift for Allscripts Professional EHR

Eliot Hall, MD, Rockingham Medical Group, Bellows Falls, VT

“NoteSwift has transformed my EMR experience. The usual 1.5 to 2 hours of charting after each day has been reduced so that I generally leave the office with all charting complete about 30 minutes after the last patient. My family has me back. The computer is working for me rather than the other way around. Thank you, Rachel at NoteSwift, for the training and ongoing support.”

Tuesday Lord, Office Manager, Beaumont Bone & Joint Institute, Beaumont, TX

Click here to watch Tuesday Lord explain how NoteSwift helped her practice eliminate transcription costs.

“One of our physicians was actually dictating into a recorder and having it transcribed at a significant cost. He has jumped on board with NoteSwift and is doing really well. He has virtually eliminated his transcription costs. He does everything through NoteSwift and the EHR. It’s very easy to use!”

Dr. Robert Leventhal, Naugatuck Valley Gastroenterology Consultants, Waterbury, CT

“My time is precious and I want to spend more of it with my patients. NoteSwift gives me the ability to get comprehensive notes done quicker so I can get out earlier at the end of the day, without leftover EHR notes. NoteSwift Product Specialist Rachel Edwards is a NoteSwift/Dragon superstar. She truly had the magic touch with organizing my EHR and my day-to- day operations. I love the product. Thank you!”

Dr. David Hogarty, Wayne Heart & Internal Medicine Associates, Goldsboro, NC

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am for NoteSwift. It is the closest thing to dictation for me. It’s that fast. I’m able to finish my documentation by the end of the day with much greater ease.”

Dr. William D. Hughes, Parkway Medical, Fayetteville, TN

“NoteSwift has increased the speed and efficiency of seeing patients by getting rid of the innumerable point and click system. I see 2 patients more a day because of NoteSwift.”

Dr. Ervin Anaya, Louisville Pulmonary Care, Louisville, KY

“I have been using NoteSwift for over a year and I am extremely pleased with its accuracy in documentation of electronic patient records. It is extremely easy to use and it has excellent customer support. NoteSwift offers initial physician training from their very knowledgeable staff. It has allowed me to increase the number of patients I see per hour. My patients’ medical charts are now more comprehensive and better documented.”

Dr. Jon Peacock, Cardiovascular Associates, Sioux City, IA

“NoteSwift has saved me a lot of time and frustration. It is now much easier to search and identify diagnosis codes, medications, and send prescriptions. I highly recommend NoteSwift.”

Dr. Brian Sarter, Cardiology Physicians, Wilmington, DE

“NoteSwift vastly streamlined the adoption of our EHR system into our practice. By using NoteSwift we were able to reach full productivity within 2 weeks of implementing.”

Cindy Leonard, Director of Practice Development, Arizona Associated Surgeons, Phoenix, AZ

“The template capability in NoteSwift makes the product a slam dunk. NoteSwift has been a tremendous relief for many pain points in our EHR-MU journey. It is so cost-effective. The training was great and accelerated the launch and optimization of NoteSwift.”

Dr. Charles Castillo, Arizona Associated Surgeons, Phoenix, AZ

“NoteSwift pulled everything together for me. I save 8 minutes on every note. Prior to NoteSwift I would come in early or take home work at night. Not anymore. It saves us $25,000 in transcription costs a year. We now pay practically nothing. With NoteSwift I do not have to search for terms. I speak into the EHR system and the billing code is already attached.”

Dr. Jon King, Arizona Associated Surgeons, Phoenix, AZ

“We love NoteSwift. It is worth the price. Our workflow is better. Charting and letters are out in the same day. I rarely have to stay late or complete notes at home. I would absolutely recommend NoteSwift. I would have trouble working without it. It clearly saves time and results in accurate notes that are easy to read.”

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