Bluestem Capital

Bluestem is a Midwest private equity firm with over $300 million of cumulative committed capital.Bluestem’s 30 investment projects and funds have invested in 90 companies nationwide since its beginning over 20 years ago. With over 450 investors, Bluestem strives to provide attractive returns to investors while helping talented management teams grow their companies and build significant value. Learn more about Bluestem at

Aspen Venture Group

Aspen Venture is a boutique investment firm located in Aspen, CO. Its portfolio consists of companies in the medical equipment, biotech and software industries. Investments in Pelstar, NanoBio, Virun and Actv8 are just a few companies that have benefited from their leadership and consultative approach. Harris Cahn, one of the founding partners leads their efforts in assessing opportunities that are attractive to the community they serve. Learn more about Aspen Venture at