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NoteSwift was initially developed and incorporated in 2012 by practicing Neurologist Dr. Chris Russell, to improve efficiency and productivity with his own practice’s electronic health records. Dr. Russell’s unique combination of expertise in medicine and software development helped him to integrate the EHR with speech recognition software to go beyond narrative dictation.

In 2017, the NoteSwift team launched the next evolution of Dr. Russell’s solution, Samantha: Semi-AutonoMous Adaptive Note Transcription Heuristic Algorithm (winner of the Product Evolution Award at the 2017 Allscripts Developer Conference).

Samantha’s patent-pending technology dramatically speeds up the patient note entry process and eliminates the need to wade through the EHR’s many menus and screens. Samantha takes the provider’s typed or dictated patient note information and automatically enters it into Allscripts Professional EHR, exactly where it needs to be as structured, discrete data and narrative text, automatically assigning all necessary ICD10, SMOWMED, and CPT codes with zero clicks.

Because Samantha enables providers to complete patient notes without a single click and automatically assigns all required coding, providers can not only complete patient notes faster, but also more accurately, improving reimbursement rates and reducing costly claim denials.

Treat more. Click Less.


NoteSwift products act as a bridge between the EHR and the speech recognition system. We interpret the input either as commands that drive the EHR interface, or as content to be inserted to the note. Our latest product, Samantha, contains her own built-in speech recognition, and can also be seamlessly integrated with a provider’s existing speech recognition tools and processes. 


Physicians across many specialties use NoteSwift products, in both solo practices as well as hospital settings. See our website for customer testimonials.


NoteSwift is designed to work with many EHRs. Our offerings include NoteSwift for Aprima, Allscripts Professional, Allscripts Touchworks, and others. Check our website, Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for the most up to date information.

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